The security wait times at Jackson Evers JAN Airport changes and can shift depending on a few variables, including extreme climate, TSA staffing, air terminal development, and so forth.

TSA Security

JAN TSA security wait time is made utilizing flight volume information and TSA staffing models. Utilizing propelled information science, sit tight occasions for Jackson Evers JAN Airport are anticipated, that excepting extraordinary anomalies, are inside five minutes’ accuracy, as approved by enormous US carriers. The TSA asks all explorers to show up at air terminal well ahead of time of booked flight takeoffs and has given security checkpoint sit tight time data for as a manual for aid travel arranging. It is advisable to verify with the airline check-in counter for security wait times as well as could be expected changes to flight plans, as these and different variables impact your choice in regards to how ahead of schedule to show up at JAN. It is worth noting that every carrier has a prescribed appearance time and considerably stricter required appearance times. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) urges tourists to appear at the Airport three hours before flight departure for international travel and two hours for all domestic travel. Certain things are not allowed past security checkpoints, in carry-ons, or on a plane. For current information, if you don't mind, read the TSA Prohibited Items list. There is also TSA Pre-check available for qualified travelers.

Legal Identification

Airline tickets are required for all travelers going through security checkpoints. Furthermore, travelers age 18 and more established must present photograph recognizable proof, for example, a visa, driver's permit or a military ID, given by a neighborhood, state or central government organization, or two types of non-photograph ID, for example, a Social Security card, one of which more likely than not been given by a state or administrative office. For more data, call the TSA Contact Center cost-free at (866) 289-9673 From 08:00 am to 10:00 pm every Monday to Friday, and 10:00 am to 06:00 pm on Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays. Email TSA at

Security Checkpoints

All aircraft necessitate that you show up at the registration counter, Gates, and in your doled out seat an endorsed measure of time before the flight's booked takeoff time. The measure of the development appearance time required shifts relying upon the carrier you are utilizing. Most close to home things can be brought through door screening. There are restricted things, for example, guns, blades, and different articles. These things might be appropriated or bring about law requirement activities. Fluids and gels that are multiple ounces are denied. For a rundown of denied things, if you don't mind, call the TSA data line cost-free at 866-289-9673.

As of late, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has given new systems for screening travelers going through security checkpoints. Get ready to take off shoes, coats, and other external articles of clothing alongside your motivation, rucksack, and so forth and spot straightforwardly on the X-Ray belt. Taking out canisters could spare minutes of time it takes to process through the checkpoint. If you have one, you likewise should evacuate your one quart-sized zip-lock sack of fluid, gel, or vaporized items from your lightweight gear and spot legitimately on the X-Ray belt. TSA gives a total rundown of allowed and disallowed things permitted through security checkpoints at



Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport Security Procedures, JAN TSA Protocols.


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